Daisys Revenge


Daisys Revenge is a shooter game of pure skill, the quicker the shot, the better you score and the greater the rewards.

Set in the Daisyland universe, you are cast into a mysterious carnival set amongst the ruins of an old church where the key to survival is culling the ravens that are inhabiting it. You have to shoot fast and furiously but think strategically as you skilfully take the ravens down.

Daisy needs your sniper skills: she is hell-bent on hunting down all of the ravens that are taking over Daisyland, behind her back. When Daisy seizes back control she will start on her journey to wreak her revenge. To help her you must quickly destroy the ravens.

As you grab your gun, Daisy guides you to your ultimate reward at the top of the leaderboard and VIP rewards. The better the shot, the bigger the reward.

Daisys Revenge is the first of a planned series of digital experiences inspired by the music & videos of rock group “The Dead Daisies”: the infectious melodies, bluesy riffs and powerful lyrics accompany the player throughout this fast and furious game of skill.