Help Daisy seize back control of Daisyland in her quest for revenge!
Are you game? Here’s how to play.

Choose your weapon and shoot the ravens as they fly. The better the shot, the more points you score and the higher you climb up the leaderboard.


You have 10 lives. Survive by shooting the ravens. A life is lost each time you let a raven get away. It’s game over when you’ve lost all 10 lives.

Controls: Aim then shoot
1: Aim. On the screen press and glide your finger to move your gun target. Hold when you’re in position.
2: Shoot. With the other hand tap the screen to take a shot.

Choose your weapon

Shotgun: Starter Scatter shot.
Difficulty level: Hard.
3 shots per set of 2 ravens.

Rifle: Sharp-eyed shooter.
Difficulty level: Even harder.
3 shots per set of 2 ravens.

Pistol: Expert sniper.
Difficulty level: The hardest.
6 shots per set of 2 ravens.


How to max point scoring
Gun: Each gun has different features. Choose your weapon wisely.
Speed: The quicker you shoot those ravens, the more points you score.
Props: Shooting a can or tombstone when they appear will get you 100 bonus points if you pop the shot and get a hit. But be quick – they’re not there for long.

There are 10 ravens to shoot each round. Each round gets harder and faster, and the ravens get tricker to shoot.

Bonus Round
Shoot 20 ravens to trigger the bonus round. Here you have 20 seconds to shoot as many ravens as you can. Each raven shot earns you 500 bonus points in this round.


Weekly Leaderboard
Shows the top 10 scoring players each week.

All Time Leaderboard
Check out the ALL TIME Daisys Revenge sharp-eyed expert shooters. Can you make the top 10?

Shoot cans and tombstones for bonus points.

Keep an eye out for ravens on the ground. Shoot them or lose a life.

Don’t leave it too late or you’ll get blood on your screen and find it hard to see.

Stay focused – don’t get distracted by the lightning and fire.

Back from the grave! Shoot the Ghost Raven to get one life back!