Chapter 5 – Design detailing; from ideas to reality

With a story idea in place, Creative Works set to work expanding the team with the necessary specialist skills to develop the game mechanic. A core creative team was already in place but they needed a game developer experienced in Unreal Engine – the platform used to create the content for The Dead Daisies music video Bustle and Flow.

Creative Works’ approach to game development started from a vision, a vision inspired from from the Bustle and Flow music video as the narrative starting point for the game. Having the game vision agreed from the outset, Creative Works worked back from there to develop a game mechanic that sat within the creative world of Daisyland but constrained ideas within mobile gaming parameters.

Starting with a wireframe and storyboard derived from the Bustle and Flow music video, Creative Works used further visualisation to map out the broad game mechanic that worked with the vision of the game. At this stage, the plan was to map out key moments within the game; from the game loader to splash screen, gameplay scenarios, the gun choice into the game cinematics.

From overall game vision and game mechanic ideas, the Daisyland ‘game view’ emerged; with ideas for game endings already starting to flow. From Daisy shooting the player to end the game, lightning striking to a raven attack, dark and heavy was the theme to sit alongside The Dead Daisies Bustle and Flow video.

Stay tuned for more on character and brand building…