Chapter 4 – A game with a story to tell

A plan was made: Creative Works was to develop a retro duck hunt style game, using the visual backdrop of The Dead Daisies music video Bustle and Flow – a carnival on fire! The next step was for Creative Works to roll these creative elements into a visual story; the creative narrative for the game.

Creative Works usually start its creative process with a very simple set of beautifully hand drawn sketches that can be used for brainstorming and then evolve to build a collective understanding of the project. More often than not, a lot of what is in the final output can be seen in these initial sketches. Creative Works and the game developer came together at this very early stage of planning, to help shape some of the sketches, to ensure they were developing an idea that kept the gameplay mechanic working alongside the narrative.

When creating the story, it was originally themed around the proprietor of the carnival, from the Bustle and Flow music video. He was seen as the ‘hound’ equivalent in the Duck Hunt game and was leading as the main character in this carnival game narrative. But with Daisy on the scene being the badass character she was, her link to ravens in the music video, and the game being set in Daisyland, it made sense to change things up, making Daisy the lead character in the game.

Creative Works revisited the story completely, turning the focus on Daisy. The narrative evolved into helping Daisy gather the dead ravens to keep their souls – retaining a link to Bustle and Flow where Daisy would take the form of these ravens to hunt and attack people to take their souls.

So with a story outline in place, a game view was forming:the player was to help Daisy shoot the ravens – The quicker the shot, the more points you score. Daisys Revenge was now a game with a story to tell.